jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

This is me! Body parts.


Question words.

WHAT's your name? QUÉ
WHEN is your birthday? CUÁNDO
WHERE are you from? DÓNDE
HOW are you? CÓMO
HOW MANY students are there? CUÁNTOS
WHY are you here? POR QUÉ
WHICH one is it? CUÁL
WHO's who? QUIÉN
WHOSE pencil is it? DE QUIÉN

These are the questions words that are very useful to find out what a question is about.

Éstas son las palabras de las preguntas que son muy útiles para averiguar de qué va la pregunta.

Class Commands to remember/ study.

Draw. Dibujar.
Read. Leer.
Write. Escribir.
Complete. Completar.
Check. Comprobar.
Open. Abrir.
Close. Cerrar.
Go.  Ir.
Come. Venir.
Turn. Girar.
Sing. Cantar.
Talk/ Speak. Hablar.
Play. Jugar.
Like. Gustar.
Live. Vivir.
Match/ Join. Unir.
Look. Mirar.
Listen. Escuchar.
Remember. Recordar.
Ask. Preguntar.
Answer. Responder.
Circle. Rodear.
Work. Trabajar.